Friday, September 11, 2009

3 ways to help my students

I think a blog could be a great way to increase my students interest in each other and the subject. I could post topics on the blog from class parties to an interesting discussion topic on whatever it is we're studying. I think it would be great for them to communicate with each other as well. Students are always on the internet and certainly blogging. Getting them involved in a school or class blog wouldnt be too hard. It would be a great way to raise interest in school activities. Whether its talking about an exciting basketball game our team played or who should be homecoming queen. Teaching is all about presenting the information in a way the students are interested in and I think blogging is a step in the right direction.


  1. I like the idea of using blogs to create relationships between students and between students and teachers (in a good way) with things like advertising b-ball games, etc.

  2. I agree that teaching is about presenting information in a way that will interest students. Whenever technology is used students are usually more apt to pay attention. You also said that getting students involved in a school or class blog wouldn't be too hard. How exactly would you do this? I agree it might not be too hard with older, college age students, but I work in a high school. To me it seems challenging to get kids away from myspace and toward an optional school blog.

  3. I would suggest meeting them half way. If you say its a school blog or whatever they're not going to be interested. I would suggest some content that they would be interested regardless and then branch that over to your studies. It might even be as simple as finding a really cool video or different point of view on a subject you're covering. Kids today get bored quickly and move on so you have to peak their interest and keep it.