Saturday, November 14, 2009


This looks like an interesting site. There are educational tools are several topics that affect us all. You can find classrooms in different countries around the world to connect with and share information. There are forums to discuss different topics that affect us all. You can do a blog for your school as well. I would use this in my classroom to create awareness for positives and problems we have in our world today. I would do this by assigning different assignments, whether it's just getting on and exploring and reporting interesting things, or creating a blog or even getting on a forum. I think that any time you can expose young people to new things and especially new things in other parts of the world it is a plus. The greater the understanding people have of each other and their way of life the more considerate and forgiving they are to each other. The first thing that comes to mind is racism. I really think the way to stop this is to create a better understanding of each other. You will come to find out that we all live the same basic way. We just have different ways of going about it. This understanding melts away all differences and hopefully prejudice.

I think the WizIQ tool would be very helpful in global collaboration. I think the website is similar to the epals sight, but less globally oriented. Both are great resources to talk with other teachers, learn, and give your students some insight on new things. I would definitely use WizIQ to help my students learn more about different parts of the world through the learning tools that allow you to search information on a vast array of topics and seeing how other classrooms operate.


  1. Michel,
    Racism would definitely be a food topic of discussion if it were presented well. Discrimination exists globally, but it is not always just based on race. It would be educational to find out the what "pecking order" is in other places.
    Don't forget that you have to post about a tool from mod 8 that you would use for a global collaboration project.
    Dr. Burgos

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