Saturday, November 14, 2009

Videos to Educate

Im a huge fan of all things psychology. I really think that it applies to every facet of life. I found a video on kissing that I would probably show an older classroom just to loosen them up and get a laugh. I would also use it if I wanted to teach people how to teach. The video does a good job of covering all sides of the topic. Since I dont really teach in a formal classroom setting these assignments apply a little bit differently for me. Sports psychology is something that applies directly to my field and my players. The 2nd video I selected is about how doubt can destroy self confidence in athletes and directly affect performance. I would defintitely use these types of videos in just about any setting to help myself educate people

1 comment:

  1. The sports video series looks like it might be useful for you. The kissing video is certainly an example of good step-by-step teaching, although you would really need to know your audience to be sure it was appropriate. :-)
    Dr. Burgos